Friday, February 13, 2009

FKM Adventures, Part Deux

Happy Friday the 13th!! We had a very low-key and relaxing evening tonight. When I walked in the door, I got the look of, "Oh, you again. Ok. You feed us. We accept you."

All three were ready for mealtime, and after a flawless recital of "The Raven" by Froggy in honor of Friday the 13th, dinner was served.

We got it right this time! No mishaps on the rug. :)

Kismet enjoying his viddles

After dinner, Mousey was having fun playing in the box in the dining room.
Mousey in her cardboard castle

The boys keeping their distance from said castle

Keep back from my Royal Kingdom lowly peasant boys.

Now it was time to relax for a bit.
I had to have some of my new favorite tea - Sugar Cookie. Wow, is this good stuff!

Liquid sugar cookie dough

Mousey on her favorite pillow

Look at those little bunny paws!

Close up of the "bunny paws"

Aww, Mousey! You just look so comfy! me Meep.

Never to be outdone...Mr. Frog makes his appearance.
Hey, just in case you forgot, I'm cute too!

Froggy getting comfy on the other pillow

Oh are such a copycat

So, a very peaceful evening had by all! Everyone was comfy and cozy!

See you tomorrow sweet kitties!

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