Monday, February 16, 2009

*Sigh!* The last FKM post.....

Our last night....

Is it true that mom and dad are coming home? I can't wait!

I hope so, then I can tell them how naughty you were when they were gone!

Naughty? Just because I drank out of the sink?

They won't be mad at me. I'm too cute to be scolded!

Oh and each kitty had a special message for MAGGIE!!

Mousey says: Hi Maggie! I send you lots of love and hisses!

Froggy says: Hi Maggie! Aren't I cute? I'm also a good singer!

And Kismet says.....Kismet? Now where did he go?
Mousey, have you seen Kismet?

Ah-ha! Kismet, there you are! Of course I'd find you in here!
Gulp gulp gulp slurp gulp

Oh, hi Maggie! It's me, Kismet! I hope you come to visit soon! Bring some meat snacks. I like meat snacks. Mmmm..meat snacks.

Well kitties, it was truly a pleasure watching you the last few days! I hope to see you again very soon!

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