Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Adventures of Froggy, Kismet and Mousey, Part I

Hi Maren & Rom ! Hope you guys are having a great time! Every thing is under control back home. Here's a window into what the little darlings were up to tonight.....

I was greeted by very enthusiastic meows. Everyone came out to greet me, including Mousey! I got a couple kisses (from Mousey) and some purrs (Kismet) and some lively chit-chat (Froggy). Kismet quickly found a great place to relax for a bit as I was prepared their dinner.

Kismet getting comfy on my coat and scarf

Dry food was served first, and Froggy and Kismet ate a bit and then went to relax. Mousey was hanging out in the wings waiting for the good stuff (i.e the wet cat food). I gave them each 1/3 of the can, making sure to put Mousey's in her own "room". The boys weren't interested in the wet food and were already out in the dining room digesting their meals.
Froggy washing up after dinner

Mousey, on the other hand, made up for the boys' lack of appetites. She attacked all the food bowls and wolfed down everyone's share.
Mousey eating Froggy's food

Mousey now eating Kismet's food

And then....

Really Mousey?

Wow, that girl can put it away!

I'm impressed!

Of course, I put out fresh water for all, yet when parents are away, sometimes rules tend to get broken......



Everything was going smoothly. There was a little playtime activity.
Mousey chasing the ball

Kismet, are you going to run after the ball too?
What do you think?

But then....out of nowhere....

I heard a sound in the hallway and went to investigate. Poor little Mousey paid the price for overeating...all over the hallway rug.
The poor hallway rug. No fear - it all came out!

Poor Mousey. She actually had a few more dry crunchies afterward and then took it easy.
Some TLC for Mousey

We had a little down-time relaxing - because I'm sure they worked hard all day today. I let them know I would be back tomorrow evening. I asked the boys to please be nice to Mousey, as she needed to take it easy tonight. They agreed, as Mousey walked by and solidified the deal with a threatening Hissssssssssss. (Apparently she was feeling much better).

Stay tuned for more Adventures!

Don't might miss me.


that girl said...

Hooray! The strike has ended! Haha, like I'm one to talk.

Great blog. :) I very much enjoyed the adventures of these three cuties! Their bathroom floor looks like ours on Hermitage.

Razzle said...

Aren't they adorable! They have two boys and a girl just like you. And I know - their tile floor reminds me of Hermitage too! *sigh!* I miss that place! Can't wait to get out of work so I can go hang with the kitties tonight and see what they've been up to all day. And speaking of being on strike -- when will you be updating YOUR blog?

Maren said...

Maggie enjoyed reading about your adventures with the kitties. We should have warned you more about Mousey's little bulemia problem. We generally lock her in the bathroom until the boys finish so that she won't eat it all. I am glad they are in good hands!

Candi said...

Awww, Froggy drinks out of the faucet like I do.

They are so cute. I love Mousey's markings!