Friday, July 3, 2009

Birthday Wishes

Today would have been Razzle's 5th Birthday.

Happy Birthday, my sweet prickly pumpkin! We are thinking about you today, and hoping you are celebrating with us. We have a special night planned, and have three surprise guests that will be staying with us for a week! One of the guests has stayed with us before....the ever enchanting FRITZ the cat! Tonight he brings with him his big brother, Johnny, and sister Katie! We are so excited to have all three kitties stay with us. What a great way to celebrate Razzle's birthday!

More exciting stories to come later tonight and in the week ahead.
Happy Birthday Razzle!

Auntie Janice
and Uncle Brian were here to celebrate, along with the famous trio, Johnny, Katie and Fritz!


HedgieMate said...

A Happy Birthday, Razzle!

It sounds like your mommy is planning a big birthday bash for you tonight. I bet you have your own big party planned in the Rainbow Gardens too. Don't go too wild on mealworms tonight. Hugs to the birthday boy and his buddies in the sky!

that girl said...

Happy Birthday to Razzle! His cake was delicious, though he would have thought it was lacking in the cricket department. (Thank you for that!) Have a great week with the kitties. We'll also be thinking about you on the 5th.

Steve Licht said...

Happy B-Day Razzle!!!

HedgieMate said...

It's July 5 and we're thinking of you, Razzle. It's hard to believe it has been already 2 years... Hope you and Geoffrey (along with other quilled friends including Herbie, Hector, Irwin, and Ronnie to name only a few) are having great fun in the Rainbow Gardens waiting for us. We love you!