Saturday, July 4, 2009

Welcome, Johnny, Katie & Fritz!!!

We are the lucky hosts for an entire week to three wonderful house guests!!

Meet the gang - "the TRIPLE THREAT"....


The sly, handsome one. The brains behind the operation. Johnny is a careful investigator, and a cautious, yet daring, explorer.

Katie aka "Kiki"

Not just another pretty face - Katie is the nimble acrobat of the group - able to sneak into small spaces in a single bound.

And FRITZ....

The "Brawn" of the group - Johnny's apprentice and Katie's protector. Fritz is also a lover of ear scratches and turkey time.

Everyone is settling in quite nicely. We had a very lazy Saturday......
Stretching after a good night's sleep

And of course some fun with a chopstick wrapper!

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